Information for Presenters/Speakers

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For all presenters: timing!
All presenters are reminded that it is essential to stick to the time allotted in the program.

Keynote Presenters
You will have approximately 1 hour for your presentation.  Please allow 10-15 minutes for discussion and questions.

60 Minute Presentations
Each presenter will have 45-50 minutes for presentation and 10-15 minutes for questions.

60 Minute and Keynote Presenters
Each room is equipped with a computer, a projector, a screen, and computer speakers. All presenters are required to save their presentation slides and material (e.g., audio/video files) on the computer the morning of their presentation.  You should also carry a back up on an external flash drive (jump drive). We also advise presenters to test the equipment well before their presentations (in the morning before the presentations begin, in the evening after the presentations are completed or at during lunch/breaks).

The poster boards are 2-sided foam boards and are approximately 8-feet wide by 4-feet high ("usable" dimensions may be smaller - see next sentence).

Subtract at least 4 inches from the top and bottom (7ft-8inches, 3ft-8inches) when planning your design and layout.

Thumb tacks will be provided HOWEVER thumb tacks are only intended to be used with 120 pound paper or lower.  If you wish to post a foam back board or anything thicker than 120 pound paper, the thumb tacks will not work, if so - PLEASE MAKE THE NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS TO ENSURE THAT YOUR POSTER BOARD CAN BE PROPERLY CLIPPED/POSTED TO THE POSTER BOARD AREA. Staff will only be able to assist with thumb tacks and will not have any other type of clippings or grips, so please plan appropriately.

You may set up your poster at any time on the day of your presentation, but you are expected to stand near your poster during the officially scheduled poster presentation time assigned to you. Please take your poster down by after your presentation otherwise it will be taken away.


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