IntNSA News Wave, May 2015, Volume 6, Issue 2

14 May 2015 9:37 AM | Robert Ranieri (Administrator)

IntNSA News Wave

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Volume 6, Issue 2

In this Issue:

  1. President’s Message - See below
  2. Treasurers Report
  3. 2015 Conference Report
  4. ANCB Report
  5. FAN News
  6. JAN Quarterly Report
  7. Revised Core Curriculum
  8. FIAAN Update
  9. IntNSA Board of Directors
  10. Editor and Contact

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President's Message

By Dana Murphy-Parker, MS, CRNP, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP


Greetings to everyone, and I hope that you are enjoying some springtime weather. For me, after our harsh winter weather in Philadelphia, spring time weather is welcomed!


In fact, it had snowed quite a lot on March 20th, a Friday that IntNSA Board members came together in Philadelphia for our strategic planning meeting. Yet, despite the cold weather, it was a very exciting and productive strategic planning event. We met for 2 days, March 21 and 22 and had great discussions on where IntNSA is now and where we want to take IntNSA.


Our secretary, Dennis Hagarty sent out a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) survey to all Board members prior to the meeting. For the meeting, Dennis compiled these results into one document. The first part of the first morning, IntNSA Board members discussed the SWOT. This was extremely helpful, and from this, the Board was able to develop our top 3 priorities for IntNSA.


The 3 priorities are:

  1. To be a global leader in Addictions Nursing. This is also IntNSA’s Vision Statement. Historically IntNSA has drawn its membership from mostly within the United States of America with a few exceptions, reflective of its origins as a national organization (i.e. NNSA until 2000). Consequently the IntNSA Governing Board reflects this membership. IntNSA, in recognition of this history, has been moving towards ensuring that the organization is reflective of its name, and in an effort to widen its constituency, IntNSA members elected the first international member to the Board, Dr. Carmel Clancy, from London, in October, 2014. Carmel is leading the Task Force for International Development, and has determined objectives for leading IntNSA forward internationally. These objectives are:
    1. Exploring IntNSA’s international position with respect to membership outside of North America; branding as it relates to a wider global audience; and perception of IntNSA’s role and offer to the wider global nursing community.
    2. Positioning IntNSA to widen its membership and growth to include chapters that are outside of North America.
    3. Supporting IntNSA to develop a long term and sustainable model/framework that supports objectives 1 & 2.

    There have already been some exciting developments as we have an application for a Chapter in Ireland! This is wonderful news, and Carmel is busy recruiting other nurses from other countries with the goal of developing more international chapters. IntNSA Board Members, Ann Mitchell and Lynn Shell are working with Carmel on this task force.

  2. Increase membership of IntNSA. As of this writing, we have 660 members in our organization. There has been a steady increase over this past year. As a reminder, IntNSA renewal notices are being sent out during this time, and I encourage everyone to continue your membership!

    The membership Task Force is being led by IntNSA Board member, Donna White, from Boston. You will recall that in the last IntNSA News wave, Donna discussed networking with collegial nursing organizations that have mutual or common interests addressing the issue of addiction in the patients they care for and treat. This goal is right in line with IntNSA’s Mission, “Our goal is to help nurses provide comprehensive, high-quality nursing care for addicted patients and their families. IntNSA has something to offer every nurse, regardless of their area of nursing practice.” As nurses who work in addictions, we know that people needing care and treatment of substance use disorders present across a broad spectrum of different specialties of health care. Many of our members spend time presenting on addictions to other specialty nursing organizations to help them to better understand addictions and how best to care for this population. As a follow up, Donna has comprised a letter which any of us can use to send out to colleagues who are working with other nursing organizations. Feel free to use this letter with other colleagues that you know.

    Download a word document of the letter below.

    Carla Garcia, IntNSA Board member, and Bill Carrick, President of Foundations of Addictions Nursing (FAN) are also working with Donna on this Task Force. Please get in touch with Donna, Carla or Bill for any ideas you have on taking the lead on increasing the membership of IntNSA.


  3. Accreditation of the CARN and CARN-AP Certification Exams. Rosemary Smentkowski, Chair of the Addictions Nursing Certification Board (ANCB) along with ANCB’s Executives, Suzan Blacher, Colleen LaBelle and Elizabeth Fildes have been working closely with the Center for Nursing Education and Testing (C-NET) as ANCB moves towards the goal of having our 2 CARN exams accredited. Please see the article from ANCB within this newsletter.

As mentioned, the IntNSA Board members left the strategic planning meeting feeling energized and excited about the entire weekend meeting and the goals which we will attain! I am reaching out to you as members to please let myself or anyone else on the Board know of any interest you have in getting involved with IntNSA’s goals. IntNSA could not exist without members, and we value your thoughts and contributions!



Treasurer’s Report – Spring, 2015

By Bill Lorman, JD, PhD, MSN, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP


The end of March brings additional good news. We have more than a quarter of a million dollars in cash and so we are prepared for any contingency that may occur. This gives us some ‘breathing room’ to think about expansion of services. Our cash position is directly related to the royalties received from our Journal operations where we received $75,000 from the publisher as a result of extraordinary accessing of the journal. This more than makes up for the losses incurred in other areas of operations which were reported in the last report. We expect to begin to receive money from our grant through the American Academy of Addictions Psychiatry. Additionally, we are looking forward to a spectacular launch of our revised Core Curriculum which will be published in May. We are preparing to begin the process of budget formation for the coming fiscal year and I, along with the Finance Committee, will be looking at expected sources and uses of revenues and we hope, with the work of our Membership Task Force, that we will have an even more successful 2015-16 fiscal year.




2015 Conference Report


Dennis Hagarty, Secretary to IntNSA

The call for abstracts has past. It is amazing that over 60 abstracts have been submitted. This includes oral presentations, symposiums, posters, and keynote speakers. The abstract committee will have a difficult time determining the lineup from all the experts who have submitted. Thanks those submitting an abstract. You should be hearing shortly from the committee. This year has seen the most abstracts submitted in many years. There are a lot of great topics supporting this year’s theme Living, Teaching and Modeling in addictions Nursing: Biopsychosocialspiritual Approaches.

The conference committee and the NC Chapter will be hard at work over the next several weeks preparing for the 39th annual IntNSA Conference. The social event has yet to be finalized. Watch your emails for information about registration.

Don’t forget to nominate a colleague for an IntNSA Award. Descriptions of the awards can be found on the IntNSA website. Nomination forms can also be found at  We are the experts and know of a nurse who deserves to be recognized for their expertise.

Mark your calendar now for the Pre-Conference on October 21th and the Conference on October 22-24 in Charlotte NC. Start now arranging your schedule to come to North Carolina in the fall. You won’t be disappointed.




An Essay Contest!

ANCB is proud to recognize our certified nurses and to show our appreciation to all the hard working and dedicated certified nurses. As a show of appreciation, ANCB would like to offer a free registration to this years’ Annual Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina! The essay contest is open to all currently certified CARNs or CARN-APs. The essay must be 250 words or less and answer the question: Why is certification in addiction nursing important?

Essays will be judged on originality. Please include your name, credentials and contact information. The contest opens JULY 1, 2015 and will close JULY 31, 2015 @ 11:59PM EDT. Please send all entries to: (All ANCB members, IntNSA Board members, and FAN Board members are not eligible to apply).

TESTING Information:

As part of our routine test development, the Addictions Nursing Certification Board and its testing agency, the Center for Nursing Education and Testing, Inc. (C-NET), regularly reviews the test questions and performs test analysis statistics to ensure validity and reliability in the CARN and CARN-AP certification examinations. To accommodate this important aspect of test development, the testing period for this spring only will be changed from May 2015 to June 2015. Please contact C-NET at 800-463-0786, or if you have questions or need additional information.

The next re-certifications time period has not changed and applications need to be submitted by June 30, 2015. Any applications received after the expiration date will need to include a $100 reactivation fee. Late applications will only be accepted up to two years after the expiration date exam period.

As part of the test development process, ACNB is planning an item writing workshop in conjunction with C-NET. This event is being planned for August. We will be seeking subject matter experts (SME’s) from across the US to write new test questions (items) for both the CARN and CARN-AP exams. A call for SME’s from across the country will be placed to the membership. Watch your email for an e-blast requesting volunteers exact dates, application and selection process.

To ensure that your questions regarding certifications or re-certifications will be answered in a timely manner please contact C-NET, Andrew Karle, directly at OR: 1-800-463-0786.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzan Blacher, MSN, RN, CARN
Co-Chair, Addiction Nursing Certification Board




FAN News


FAN Silent Auction
The Foundation for Addictions Nursing (FAN) is thinking forward to October. Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina will be the setting for the 2015 Annual IntNSA Educational Conference and the FAN Silent Auction! In the past our individual members, IntNSA Chapters, collaborating agencies, and participating exhibitors have graciously donated auction items gift cards to gift baskets, original works of art, handcrafted items, Coach and Vera Bradley purses, and even an original handmade quilt. Much fun was had by all. We want to extend a grateful THANK YOU and ask that you once again be generous in your continuing support of FAN and our Mission. Start thinking about what you might like to bring to Charlotte in 2015.

FAN Scholarships
Once again the Foundation for Addictions Nursing (FAN) will be sponsoring scholarships. Applications for the Lois Widly Student Scholarships and the Cathy Buffington Scholarship each providing for a conference registration and $500 stipend will be accepted through June 30th. Details are available at Watch for a link to submit your information electronically. Again, thank you to all whose generosity makes it possible for FAN to support the educational endeavors of IntNSA through these competitive scholarships.

$3,000 BOD’s Research Grant
Each year the IntNSA Board of Directors supports funding of a research grant to stimulate research that supports addictions nursing. The IntNSA Research Committee completes a peer review and makes the award decision. FAN will again be funding the BOD award in 2015. A new scoring tool will be available to guide applicants as they develop their proposal. Check back to for the link to the process and the scoring tool. The FAN Trustees send thanks the IntNSA Board of Directors for supporting this award.

New FAN Trustee
In other exciting news, FAN just appointed a new Trustee for 2015. We now have all trustee positions filled. Our new FAN Trustee is Sharon Morello of Providence Rhode Island. Join us in welcoming Sharon and make sure to stop at the Silent Auction table in October to make her acquaintance. The FAN Board is very happy to have her and looking forward to working with her.

And as always, a reminder, All donations to FAN are tax deductible. We just celebrated Tax Day but it is not too early to start panning for 2015 taxes. You can visit FAN online (go to, donate with your dues, or see us in October. Please plan on supporting our future fundraising activities. Set aside your donations for the 2015 Silent Auction now. New and old FAN merchandise will be available at the conference. If there is anything special you would like to see for sale, please let us know. It is still possible to donate while shopping through igive. Help FAN continue to support our mission!!




Journal of Addictions Nursing (JAN) - Quarterly Report

By Christine Vourakis, Editor

  1. Theses, Dissertations and Databases such as ProQuest
    It is becoming increasingly common for academic institutions to provide databases such as ProQuest, copies of student theses and dissertations. ProQuest then allows free online access to these documents once a consumer joins ProQuest (it is free to join). For a small fee ($65.) for dissertations, an individual may purchase a print copy of the dissertation (print copies of theses cost less). After a specific number of copies are sold (>25) the author receives a (I think around 10%) royalty for each additional copy sold. The rationale for this practice is to provide rapid visibility. Unless papers from a dissertation/thesis (DTs) is repurposed, JAN will not accept papers from these sources. A statement (paragraph) was prepared by the editor for inclusion in the Instructions for Authors. The journal will allow authors to submit DT papers to JAN if the author has placed an embargo to open access and only allows access to the title/abstract.

    Since IntNSA owns the copyright we are not subject to the policies of LWW. Lippincott’s policy for their journals is to not publish papers from dissertations/theses with full ProQuest access.
  2. Update on 26 and 27
    Issue 26 (1) is in print and page proofs for 26(2) were recently reviewed/revised by editor and returned to publisher. The final preparations are underway for 26(3) and it is scheduled to be sent to publisher in early June.

    The special topic issue on “Recovery Oriented Systems of Care”, Edited by Katherine Fornili and Mary Moller has been rescheduled for 27(2). We have recently received the final draft of a call for papers on the special topic of “Eating Disorders”, Edited by Jan Feigenbaum and Stacen Keating (NYU) and that has been posted. We are anticipating the revised call for papers from Madeline Naegle and Merry Armstrong shortly. We are still in the planning stage for a special topic issue from The Netherlands (there will not be a call for papers blast for this issue as the Co-Editors, Christien Loth and Wim Houtjes are inviting selected colleagues to contribute papers for their issue.

  3. Additional comment on 10/15/2014 Editorial Board meeting at conference
    As reported to the Board of Directors at the board meeting scheduled during the strategic planning session in Philadelphia, the Editorial Board meeting in Washington, DC on Wednesday, October 2014 was a fruitful and productive meeting. Considerable time was focused on the special topic issues, in particular the members offered suggestions on the draft of the Netherland special topic call for papers (this was sent to members prior to the meeting to encourage a more focused discussion). Several excellent ideas were generated and suggestions were offered for the Co-editors to use in their planning.




Revised Core Curriculum of Addictions Nursing

Be on the look-out for the revised Core Curriculum of Addictions Nursing, 3rd Edition.

The Core Curriculum has gone through an extensive 3rd revision. All of the work and final edits have been completed. In partnership with Wolters Kluwer Lippincott, the revised Core Curriculum will be published within the next couple of months. IntNSA retains all rights for the Core Curriculum. Wolters Kluwer Lippincott will market the Core Curriculum internationally bringing knowledge about addictions nursing to global nursing. We are extremely pleased and excited to see this edition of the Core Curriculum come to fruition.

Al Rundio, Co-Editor
Bill Lorman, Co-Editor




International Academy of Addictions Nursing

Last year IntNSA established the International Academy of Addictions Nursing. Members, who have contributed significantly to the field of addictions nursing, may apply for fellowship in the Academy. Should the candidate be selected, following the induction ceremony at the annual IntNSA conference, fellows can append the letters FIAAN (Fellow International Academy of Addictions Nursing) to their name.

The application time period is April 30, 2015 through June 30, 2015.

Information for those interested in applying for fellowship in the Academy can accessed at  The official application is available for completion and submission on-line.

(Applications must include 2 letters of recommendation.)

We look forward to receiving your application for fellowship.


Chair, Eligibility Committee





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