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In the Netherlands 180 specialized in-patient and out-patient treatment centers are active in addictions treatments of all sorts; detoxification clinics for crisis and longer detoxifications, short and longer treatment after detox with cognitive behavioral treatment options. Centers for special target groups such as elderly, youngsters, patients with double diagnosis, patients with mental retardations, patient groups with different cultural backgrounds/perspectives, and specials needs of SBRT’s.


<b>Christien Loth</b>

Christien Loth

My name is Christien Loth, member of the Board of IntNSA Holland. Managing director of my own Mental Health and Addictions Nursing Service ‘LOTH Verpleegkunde’ (Nursing Consultancy) in the eastern parts of Holland. In 2009 I earned my PhD by doing an action research project in outpatient methadone maintenance clinics. Since 2012 working as an addictions specialist nurse (MANP) in a mental health care facility ‘Maatschap P&P Consult’ in Apeldoorn in DD treatment. In a GP office, in cooperation with two general practitioners in Winterswijk I am responsible for the treatment of patients with all sorts of addictions like eating disorders, alcohol abuse, benzodiazepines, etc. In Utrecht at the School for Nursing Studies (GGZVS) I am responsible for the lectures in addictions and addiction treatment for MANP students. Besides that I train students in doing research. In Apeldoorn I perform research and innovations in daily practice (f.e. ADHD, eating disorders and circadian sleeping problems).

<b>Matthew Flynn</b>

Matthew Flynn

Board Member
Matthew Flynn BA, BSc, MANP, graduated in 1996 from Oxford Brookes University as a psychiatric nurse. In the United Kingdom he has worked in various settings including therapeutic communities, community addictions treatment services and assertive community treatment. In 2004 he completed a Bachelor of Science at Bournemouth University in Psycho-social Interventions in the Management of Psychosis. He was associate lecturer at Bournemouth University on the undergraduate Bachelor of Science course “Group Psychotherapy in Addictions” and was Consultant Nurse for Rehabilitation at Dorset Health Care Trust. In 2007 he moved to the Netherlands and in 2012 he completed Masters in Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Utrecht. Since completing his masters he has worked as clinical team leader in a Functional Assertive Community Treatment working with clients with multiple diagnosis including addictions and currently he is working as a nurse specialist in community addictions treatment services by Brijder in Den Haag.

<B>Dick van Etten</B>

Dick van Etten

Secretary/Board Member
I began working in care for retarded people in 1983 and now a nurse specialist in mental health care. I’m expert in care for the elderly and especially older people with an addiction in alcohol, benzodiazepine or poly use. At the moment I’m working for ‘Arkin BasisGGZ’ (outpatient mental health treatment) in Amsterdam in the South-east area. Only with chronical mentally ill patients, and responsible for 365 patients with a team of nurses and a psychiatrist for consultation. I prescribe medication for all of my patients. Treatment focus is stabilization and recovery. One of my other expertise is to develop training programs for nurses. Goal for the next years is to write a care program for elderly addicted people and support research.

<b>Jackie Middeldorp</b>

Jackie Middeldorp

Board Member
My name is Jackie Middeldorp . I work as a Nurse Specialist GGZ (mental health care) in a F- ACT team of addiction care. I am also a member of the team that takes care of the opiate maintenance treatment at Jellinek in Utrecht. I am a member of the National Platform Advanced Nursing Practice GGZ of addiction treatment and member of the Dutch chapter of the International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA) intNSA. I work as a Nurse Specialist mental health care within the long-term care and treatment of drug addicts at Jellinek in Utrecht. I am dealing with the implementation of the somatic (interference) care in Addiction Psychiatry and I push the knowledge sharing on addiction and somatic care at Jellinek in Utrecht. I am the co-developer of the Utrecht Somatic Screening list (USS 2.0.). The USS 2.0 has been developed especially for the long-term addicts and/or psychiatric patients who avoid medical care and are not, or rarely, in the picture by their general practitioner.The USS 2.0. screens for most of the serious somatic diseases this group suffers from.

<b>Yvonne Slee</b>

Yvonne Slee

Board Member
Yvonne Slee has been nursing since 1973 and has extensive experience in the development of clinical expertise and mental health care services. Yvonne is a qualified nurse specialist in psychiatry and also has gained a Masters in Human Development. Yvonne currently works as manager of the Antes College in the Rijnmond region of the Netherlands. From the early years of her career Yvonne has had a particular interest in double diagnosis, the combination of psychiatric and addiction disorders. Yvonne believes strongly that more attention within addiction services in the Netherlands should be focused upon the development of clinical expertise in the areas of the social and somatic consequences of addictions as well as the development of nursing skills in promoting recovery.

<b>Floris Bary</b>

Floris Bary

Board Member
I am a board member with experiential knowledge in addiction and mental health. Furthermore I am member of the national knowledge network of clients in addiction care “Het Zwarte Gat” (“The Black Hole Foundation”) and member of the coordinating board of the Dutch Addiction Association (“Verslavingskunde Nederland”). Also I am a project commission member on the “Youth in Transition” a longitudinal study on addiction trajectories and profiles 2018-2025. Since 2014 I am employed by The Salvation Army as a trainer in courses on recovery and advisor on experiential knowledge. Before 2005, when I had my first experience in a clinical setting in addiction care as a service user I used to work in ICT as a system engineer.

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