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Web Editorial Board (WEB)

We have an established governance structure that oversees the running of our web and ensures that the content is relevant and kept up to date via the Web Editorial Board or WEB for short.   The WEB is currently chaired by Dr Carmel Clancy (President-elect) and supported by a Webmaster, with membership representatives from our key affiliates and IntNSA members – including:
  • Journal of Addiction Nursing: Dr Ann Mitchell (Journal Editor – elect)
  • The Foundation for Addictions Nursing (FAN)
  • Addiction Nursing Certification Board (ANCB)
  • The International Academy of Addictions Nursing (IAAN): Dana Murphy-Parker – current FIAAN
  • Region/Country Chapter Representatives
The WEB has responsibility to oversee the integrity and branding of the Society ensuring that it reflects the Society’s mission, vision and values.  The WEB meet virtually every six weeks, member representatives ensure that content related to their specific areas within the Society is maintained, and any activities related to updating members is provided and posted to the Webmaster.  In addition to usual business, WEB members will take a lead on other associated activities including: (1) social media activities and blogs, (2) within our online Academy assisting with the sourcing and development of new materials;  and (3) maintaining our community of practice platform. Please nominate someone within your chapter to be part of the WEB and provide their details below: