Conference Scholarships

These Conference Scholarships are sponsored by the Foundation for Addictions Nursing, FAN. Funding for these scholarships are made possible by donations from IntNSA members, click here to donate and learn more about FAN.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • All applications require documentation and evidence of your interest in attending the IntNSA conference and how the knowledge gained will benefit your (continuing) education and/or practice. (500 word max).
  • All applications require a letter of recommendation from an IntNSA member -OR- from the applicants professor, peer or supervisor who can attest to the applicants interest and potential contributions in addictions nursing
  • Altman scholarship applicants must be IntNSA members who would not be able to attend the conference without the assistance of the scholarship.
  • Howe scholarship applicants should be someone who is seeking to join the field of addiction nursing, active in the field of addiction nursing; and have been affected personally by someone with an addictive disorder.

The submission deadline is January 8, 2024

The Nancy Altman Memorial Conference Scholarship

Nancy Altman was an active member in IntNSA and always made herself available to assist with any needed activities to support the mission of the organization. She was passionate about educating health care professionals about substance use disorders and ensuring individuals who had SUDs were treated with dignity and respect. Nancy was the president of the Foundation for Addiction Nurses (FAN) and was dedicated to fund raising to provide scholarships. Nancy was a long-time member of FAN in various capacities and dedicated to the mission of FAN.

The Howe Family Conference Scholarship

Together, Don and Debbie Howe have contributed thousands of dollars annually in memory of their son, Aaron Howe. Aaron, at the age of 14, suffered a sports injury which led to a dependency on opioids, which later led to using street drugs. Aaron is remembered as being kind, gentle, and spiritual. Aaron had a love for working with those afflicted with disabilities and those who were less socialized, being a friend to everyone.