Starting a chapter

If you are interested in furthering the profession of Addictions Nursing, have a good energy level and high resistance to naysayers – have we got a job for you! How about starting a Country, State, Bistate or Tristate IntNSA Chapter?

What a wonderful way to bring fellow Addictions Nurses together to not only educate each other but to network with one another and most importantly, to support one another. In this day and time of Behavioral Healthcare, it is essential that we have opportunities to meet with one another and discuss the future of our specialty as well as our jobs.

IntNSA will support your endeavour by sending you a Chapter Formation Handbook, (which has everything you need to know about starting a chapter).

It is the vision of the International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA) to be a “global leader in addictions nursing”. Our strength comes through our members. It is the goal of our Society to attract and retain full-fledged members of IntNSA from around the world. In pursuit of that goal, local, State, and national Chapters often play an important role in introducing prospective members to addictions nursing, and to IntNSA. For these reasons, IntNSA supports the creation of these chapters, and sets forth guidelines to assist in this process.

In recognition of the work required to establish a new chapter, IntNSA offers Chapter officers a discount of 50% for up to three years.

  1. All Chapter officers listed on the charter will receive the discount for the first year and may request to extend the discount for up to 2 additional years (3 years total).
    • Officers are defined as President, Vice-President or President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. In the event that officers have already paid for IntNSA membership, they will be offered the discount when their current annual membership is renewed.
    • In order to receive this discount, the following must occur:
      • Request for the discount, declaring intent to form a Chapter; and 
      • A Chapter charter must be submitted to the Executive Director at info@intnsa.org.
  3. If the Chapter charter is not submitted to IntNSA Leadership for review within six (6) months, then the officers who were extended the discount will be billed for the discounted dues in order to continue their membership in IntNSA for the next six (6) months.

  4. The offer of the 50% dues reduction will expire six months after written declaration to start a Chapter
  1. The Chapter Development Task Force of IntNSA will maintain a list of members that are willing to mentor or advise with the start-up process. The mentors/advisors are: Robert Ranieri, info@intnsa.org.

  2. IntNSA will identify, and provide contact information for, existing IntNSA members in the target Chapter area. Contact the IntNSA Executive Office (www.intnsa.org/contact) for additional information.

  3. IntNSA will offer a one-time grant of up to $500 per Chapter to assist with the cost of startup. (Set up link on Chapter website to application, although it will likely be adjacent to this file in the same location)
    • Members applying for the start-up grant must meet the following conditions:
      • Provide the names and contact information for self-identified or elected Chapter officer’s that are applying for the local charter on the Grant application.
      • Complete the Application for the IntNSA Charter Grant, and submit to the Executive Director at info@intnsa.org.
      • Each Chapter must have documentation of a valid bank account.
  4. Funds awarded as an IntNSA Chapter Grant must be accounted for, including
    • Documentation, with receipts, for funds spent;
    • Some suggestions for use of the funds may include but are not limited to the following:

i. Office supplies

ii. Communication needs

iii. Website development

iv. Food for bonafide Chapter events

v. Chapter advertising

1. Media

2. Supplies, such as giveaways, to promote the local chapter

vi. Monies cannot be used for:

1. Personal supplies

2. Meals other than bonafide Chapter events

3. Transportation

vii. Chapter start-up funds that are not used by local chapters within one year of the date of disbursement will be returned, via check or money order, to:

Executive Office of the IntNSA International Nurses Society on Addictions
3416 Primm Lane Birmingham, Alabama 35216 USA