Don Howe

Don Howe is a Nurse at the North Texas VA Hospital in Dallas, Texas working on a SARRPT unit taking care of veterans with addictions, mental issues, and PTSD. He is a Fellow of the International Nurses Society on Addictions, and American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Don Howe is an experienced nurse clinician taking care of clients with addictions and mental health issues for over fifty-two years. He has held nurse leadership positions in county, state, federal healthcare systems private mental health facilities, and in the military. His leadership has provided increase in the quality care of clients, cost effectiveness of the delivery of care, and continuation of quality care. He has provided teaching to civilian and military personnel about PTSD and brought a better understanding of the etiology of how trauma affects the brain, and how to treat PTSD effectively. He has shown compassion and expertise as a Nurse Advocate and Peer Support in the restoring impaired nurses who have addiction and mental health issues back into providing safe nurse practice. He is an expert in wearing many different hats and being effective. He is a Military Chaplain and Health Service Officer at the rank of Major in the USAF AUX. As an expert in traumatic stress, he has responded to many disasters. Dr. Howe received his BS in Psychology and ADN from Midwestern State University, BSN from University of Texas at Arlington, PhD from Theapoun University, ThD from Slidell Baptist Seminary. Expertise: Addictions; Military trauma and effects of PTSD, traumatic stress and PTSD, Pastoral care, and peer support.