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Alcohol consumption is Brazil’s main issue with regards to substance abuse. Despite the illegal use of drugs such as crack cocaine, 77% of people use alcohol at the same time. The national health survey from Brazil (2013) estimated that 13.7% of people used alcohol 30 days prior to the interview. In 2012 only 0.8% of the population used this substance regularly in the past 6 months, and illegal drugs altogether (except Marijuana) was 2.3% of the population.


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Our story

IntNSA Brazil is the first addiction Nursing Organization in Brazil. It was founded in 2015 by Dr Divane de Vargas, who was member of IntNSA since 2010, with the aim of bringing together brazilian nurses who are committed to the prevention, intervention, treatment and management of addictive disorders including alcohol and other drug dependencies, promoting and contributing to the development on this specialty in Brazil through nursing education, research and care on the addiction subject.


<b>Heloísa Garcia Claro</b>

Heloísa Garcia Claro


<b>Márcio Camattaa</b>

Márcio Camattaa

Rio de Janeiro State Regional Secretary

<b>Divane de Vargas</b>

Divane de Vargas


<b>Rogério Ferreira</b>

Rogério Ferreira

Vice President

<b>Camila Cardoso Caixeta</b>

Camila Cardoso Caixeta



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