Kristin Waite-Labott

Director at large, IntNSA USA

Kristin has been an RN since 1991. After losing much to alcohol and opioid use disorders, she found recovery in 2005. She now works as Senior Admissions Coordinator and Nurse Coach with Freedom Institute, offering treatment programs for people struggling with substance use disorders and underlying mental health issues; founded and serves as president of WisPAN (Wisconsin Peer Alliance for Nurses), a non-profit organization providing peer support for nurses with substance use issues; and is an emergency department nurse. She has published a book called, “An Unlikely Addict”, about her story of recovery and a textbook called “Substance Use Disorder in Healthcare Professionals, When Caregivers Need Care and Treatment”. She is a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse, CARN, and a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, CPRC. She is committed to making a difference.