North Carolina
North Carolina is a state with diverse needs. There are pockets of citizens clustered around urban centers such as Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham,
and Greensboro-High Point- Winston Salem. However, many of the 100 counties are rural and lack connection to Mental Health and SUD resources. NC has
had Issues with addiction that range from Alcohol to methamphetamine to opiates. Recently, opiates including heroin has increased
in all areas of the state. Opiate deaths have increased across NC. In 2016 there were 19.7 deaths per 10000 people in NC.
Methamphetamine continues to be a problem, especially in the rural areas.


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Our story

The NC Chapter has supported IntNSA in a variety of ways.  Several members have served on the ANCB Board. One was the Chairperson that was instrumental in beginning the process of CARN Certification. There have been four other members who have served on the ANC Board over time. NC Chapter members have also served as members and officers on the FAN Board. Two members have served on the IntNSA Board of Directors and one of them served on the IntNSA Executive Board as Secretary.

North Carolina as a chapter has received several awards from IntNSA. These include Chapter of the Year 2010, 2012, and 2015. Members have been awarded the Clinician of the Year and Research Award.

In 2011 NC Chapter members undertook the job to edit the CARN review guide published by IntNSA. This manual helped nurses prepare for the CARN and CARN-AP certification prior to the publication of the CORE Curriculum by Wolters Kluwer. NC Chapter members contributed to the editing of the 3rd Edition of the CORE Curriculum as well.  A new section on complementary therapies was added to this edition.


<b>Frank Campbell</b></br>
Frank Campbell


<b>Faith Smith-Goff</b></br>
Faith Smith-Goff


<b>Connie Mele</b></br>
Connie Mele

Board Member

<b>Debbie Tant</b></br>
Debbie Tant

Board Member

<b>Vella Pace</b></br>
Vella Pace

Board Member

<b>Heather Jennissen</b></br>
Heather Jennissen

President Elect

<b>Sally Underwood</b></br>
Sally Underwood


<b>Donna Kazemi</b></br>
Donna Kazemi

Board Member

<b>Nicole Miller</b></br>
Nicole Miller

Board Member


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